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UK Customer Support
01223 902 317
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm
Free Delivery
3 Year Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
Free Delivery
3 Year Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
UK Customer Support
01223 902 317
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

3D Number Plates


(max file size 256 MB)

(max file size 256 MB)

3D gel number plates manufactured in the UK with the highest quality materials.

  • Our 3D number plates come with 3 year warranty as standard.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back.
  • 3D number plates made with gel resin.
  • The letters have a unique texture and a gloss black finish.

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If you want your car or motorbike to stand out on the road then 3D number plates are exactly what you need. You can design and buy your own 3D gel plates from the UK’s most trusted number plate maker – Numero Plates.

These high quality 3D gel number plates provide a gloss black finish and will allow you to personalise your vehicle without having to break the bank. Our bespoke number plates allow you to customise your vehicle in a way that’s fully road legal. Our various number plate options allow you to upgrade the look of your car, motorcycle or van.

Create Your 3D Gel Number Plates

The creation process for 3D gel number plates requires the use of high quality gel resin on top of 3D letters which is what makes these plates long lasting. Our customisation options let you personalise your plates in the following ways:

  • Choose Your Plates – You can select front & rear number plates, front only or rear only.
  • Number Plates Tinted – Choose this option if you would like tinted number plates (this option is only available for show number plates)
  • Border Design – Select this option if you would like a border on your 3D plates
  • Badge – Choose this option if you would like a Union Jack or Scottish flag side badge
  • Number Plate Fitting Kit – This option allows you to order sticky pads or a screw pack with your plates
  • Number Plate Holder – Select this option if you would like a black number plate holder to be delivered along with your new registration plate

Our industrial strength adhesive ensures that your plates will not deteriorate over time and maintain their unique gloss black gel appearance. We make it simple for you to order gel number plates along with the number plate accessories you’ll need to get your new plates fitted.

We have laid out all the options available to modify your order according to your requirements. If you have any questions or would like clarification on anything then please feel free to contact us.

What are the advantages of having a 3D number plate?

Here are several reasons why choosing a 3D design is advantageous:

  • Because these plates are reinforced with acrylic it makes them more durable than standard plates
  • The gloss black finish gives any vehicle a sleek look and allows you to showcase your vehicle registration more prominently
  • Give your vehicle a unique appearance that will make it stand out from other similar models on the road

Are you looking for show plates?

We are also able to accommodate the demand for 3D show number plates. Our 3D show plates can be customised with non-standardised tinting, spacing and sizing. These plates can be used at events or for promotional purposes. It’s important to note that show plates are not road-legal and cannot be used for daily driving because they do not comply with British Standards.

We also offer additional customisation options such as krystal number plates. Simply select the personalisation options that fit your preferences and add the plates to your basket and checkout.

We make the process to buy show plates easy and ensure a great online shopping experience for all our customers.

What is the difference between 3D gel plates and 4D number plates?

The letters underneath polyurethane gel resin that is used to make 3D license plates is what gives them a slick raised profile and provides a smooth gloss black finish. 4D plates are made with solid acrylic which is laser cut to give the appearance of a flat surface underneath the 3D letters.

At Numero Plates we offer both types of plates and we ensure the highest quality with both products. Which plates you choose to go with depends on your personal preference and taste of how you want your vehicle to look.

You can view our 4D number plates by clicking here.

Why should I buy 3D plates from Numero Plates?

Every 3D plate we make is created with the highest quality materials including the number plate gel we use and we go above and beyond to exceed our customers expectations when it comes to our level of care and attention with each order. We understand how important vehicles are to their owners because our team are also passionate motorists who have years of experience within the automotive industry.

All of our plates come with a 3 year warranty which means that we will replace your plates for free if there’s any deterioration due to manufacturing. We also have a 90 day money back guarantee which means that we’ll give you a full refund within the first 90 days if you’re unhappy with your plates for whatever reason. Most number plate suppliers do not offer these types of guarantees however we are confident in our products and the service that we provide to our customers.

We’re a relationship oriented business and our customer service team are always ready to answer any questions or provide support in any way they can.

Do my gel resin plates come with a number plate holder?

When you order 3D registration plates from Numero Plates you also have the option of adding a black number plate holder to your order. There’s also the option to add a fitting kit to your gel plate order. Our number plates gel is used to cover the characters of your plates to increase visibility.

Can I order a standard black number plate with a border?

If you’re not looking for customised gel plates and simply want standard UK number plates then our replacement number plates are the right option for you.

If you want to compare our different number plate styles then visit our order plates page.


1. Which documents are required to order number plates?

We are required by DVLA to verify that you are the registered vehicle owner. To order new 3D plates you will need to upload the following documents when placing your order with us:

Proof that you are the owner of the vehicle with either the V5C V5CNI logbook, V5C/2 or V5C/2NI new keeper slip, or the V778 certificate.
A form of ID which proves your identity such as a driving license or passport.

All of your data and records are kept completely secure and never shared with anyone. Verifying these documents ensures that we can continue to operate as a compliant and legal number plate supplier.

2. How quickly will my 3D registration plates be delivered?

We offer free delivery with all orders and most orders are delivered within 2-4 working days. Alternatively, we also offer next day delivery if you would like to receive your new plates more quickly.

Our website allows you to order new plates without any hassle and streamlines the entire process so that we can manufacture and dispatch your plates within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Our customer support team is also available 7 days a week Mon-Sun Between 9am – 5pm to answer any questions you may have or help you place your order with us.

Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation along with updates for when your plates are dispatched and delivered.

3. Are 3D plates road legal?

All of our 3D plate designs are 100% road legal and comply with the British Standard for Number Plates (BS AU 145e). We ensure that every plate we produce for use on the roads meet the number plates standard set by DVLA. All our plates come with the relevant markings of our registered number plate supplier name and number to make sure that they are entirely compliant.

Our manufacturing process ensures that all of the characters are aligned properly with the help of an alignment bar when producing your 3D plate in order to ensure that the legal spacing requirements and alignment requirements are met with precision to ensure that our customers receive a fully compliant and street legal 3D gel number plate.

In short to answer the question, are 3D plates legal? Yes, we’ve done all the work and research here at Numero Plates to ensure that all our road legal number plates comply with British Standards.

4. Are 3D gel number plates banned?

No, 3D plates are not banned. If your gel plates comply with DVLA standards for number plates (BS AU 145e) then they are 100% fully road legal.

5. Is a 3D plate MOT compliant?

3D number plates are fully road legal and will pass an MOT test if they meet the specifications outlined by DVLA.

If your personalised plate does not meet these standards because they are made with a different colour, finish or has different character spacing then your plates will fail the MOT. At Numero Plates we ensure that all our plates meet the required standard and are compliant with all current regulations.

6. How are gel number plates made?

There is a 5 part process to make a 3D number plate.

The first part of the process is where you’ll be the most involved. We let you design your 3D plate using our online ordering form and select all the necessary options to make your plates according to your personal preference.
The next part of the process requires us to print and cut legally sized characters.
To remove any bubbles that may be created during the cutting process, all number plate letters are placed into a custom made low heat oven before we remove them to let them cool.
We peel off the high strength 3M adhesive backing once the letters have solidified and place them on your plates.
We then place gel resin over the raised 3D characters and let the resin dry before a final quality check.

We aim to complete this manufacturing process and dispatch your reg plates within 24 hours when you place your order.

7. Why Are Your 3D Plates Priced Considerably Higher Than Other Suppliers?

At Numero Plates we don’t compete on price, we compete on high quality and service. Whilst other manufacturers will lower their prices in order to out-do their competition, we believe this creates a marketplace with sub-par products and sub-par customer service.

When you buy 3d plates from Numero Plates, you receive:

A premium product manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.
3 year warranty and a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

8. Where can I buy 3D number plates near me?

At Numero Plates we deliver to customers throughout the UK. We offer free delivery which takes 2-4 working days but also offer next day delivery for a small delivery fee.

9. Are 3D number plates with colour legal?

3D gel plates must be a black number plate in order to comply with British Standards. 3D plates with colour can only be used as show plates at events or for promotional purposes and not for use on roads.

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