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UK Customer Support
01223 902 317
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm
Free Delivery
3 Year Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
Free Delivery
3 Year Warranty
Money Back Guarantee
UK Customer Support
01223 902 317
Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

Honda Number Plates

At Numero Plates we are the most trusted replacement Honda number plate supplier in the UK. If you’re looking for replacement Honda plates then we can help. All of our registration plates are manufactured in the UK with the highest quality materials. Our team of number plate experts have several years of experience within the industry and we strive to exceed our customers expectations with each order.

We are able to produce a variety of different number plate styles including customised number plates such as 3D gel plates, 4D plates, short number plates along with standard UK replacement number plates without customisation.

Replacement Honda License Plates

First established in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, Honda is one of the world’s leading automotive brands. Originally the company was focused on manufacturing motorcycles with their first model the D-Type which was launched in 1949. Soon after, the company started to manufacture cars by launching the T360 mini pick-up truck and the S500 sports car in 1963. Since then Honda has continued to thrive and become one of the leading car manufacturers in the world and have had many successful show outs in racing.

In order to appeal to the American luxury car market, Honda launched the Acura brand in 1986 which led to a significant increase in demand for the company’s products and in particular the Acura Integra and Acura Legend. Honda launched the NSX a few years later which was the first all aluminum monocoque vehicle with a mid-engine V6 complete with variable valve timing.

The Japanese car manufacturer has had it’s fair share of success in motor racing, both in Formula One and in Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. Honda has supplied engines to the likes of Williams, McLaren and British American Racing in F1 along with the Red Bull sister team Toro Rosso. Honda created the Honda Racing Corporation in 1982 to compete in motorcycle racing with over 20 championships.

What size are Honda number plates?

Honda number plates are the same size as all other UK vehicles. As long as the characters on the number plates are the correct size and are spaced correctly then the plates will be road legal.

Order Number Plates for Honda

You can order number plates online by clicking here.

Our number plates are suitable for every Honda model including the Civic, Jazz, HR-V and all other Honda models.

All our number plates come with 3 year warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee.

We offer an unmatched money back guarantee because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products or we’ll give them a full refund within the first 90 days.

Any manufacturing defect are covered by our 3 year warranty which means we’ll replace your plates for free.

The quality of our products is a priority for us here at Numero Plates.

We want to ensure that our customers are happy with our plates and it’s the reason why we offer such a lengthy warranty as well as a money back guarantee which is unmatched by any other supplier.

You can order your number plates and not worry about paying for delivery. All our products come with free delivery, and we’ll dispatch your order within 24 hours. You should expect to receive your order within 2 to 4 working days with free delivery. We also offer next day delivery for a small extra cost.

We have a customer support team who are based in the UK which means that we’ll be able to help you if any issues arise with your order. Product quality and customer care is our upmost priority at Numero Plates.

At Numero Plates our product range is made up of several different number plate styles, here’s a full list of all our products.

Honda Replacement Number Plates

We offer number plate replacement if you’re looking for standard number plates that are most common on cars in the UK.

This is the only product in our range that does not come with customisation.

If you don’t want to change the appearance of your Honda then we recommend these plates.

For Honda drivers that want unique plates which they can customise, here’s a list of all our custom number plates.

Honda Custom Number Plates

We have several customised number plates to choose from.

You can select the size, shape and text style of your number plates to make them unique.

Honda 3D Number Plates

Made with gel resin, these plates have a unique texture and a gloss back look.

Our 3D gel plates are one of our best sellers and it’s no surprise why because these plates look great on any car.

Your Honda’s appearance will be uplifted by the natural glimmer that gel plates have.

Honda 4D Number Plates

Laser cut acrylic 4D number plates make a big impact.

These plates are bold and they definitely stand out from standard number plates.

If you want to make a big statement then these are the right plates for you.

Honda Short Number Plates

Our short plates are laser cut and custom sized for private registrations.

These plate can help you showcase your private number plate and comes in two text styles including 3D gel and 4D acrylic.

Friendly Customer Support

If you have any questions we recommend taking a look at our FAQ page.

For further questions or queries you can call us, email us or speak to us on live chat.

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